Can you believe it?!

Over the years, Shawn has encountered a wide variety of odd and unbelievable things while servicing machines. We hope that our customers will enjoy his findings!

The Bat Invasion

Once it found a way in, it couldn't find a way out.

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The Lint Invasion

Have you ever wondered where all of the lint and fuzz from your fabric and thread disappear to? They hide inside of your machine until Shawn gets to clean it out! 
What Shawn found after removing the bottom cover of a serger.
This is a good example of why you should periodically clean out your hook (bobbin area) and have your machine serviced regularly.

Why Won't My Machine Sew?!
Has your machine ever locked up to the point where the needle and handwheel will no longer turn? There may be thread caught inside your machine, so keep calm and give it to Shawn.
This is an excellent example of why you do not want any loose thread hanging around the handwheel. Friction caused by the rotation of the handwheel will cause thread to be sucked into the machine. If thread is sucked into the machine, it can cause the machine to stop sewing and will need to be serviced to remove all thread.